What You Should Know About Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair Growth

If you’re wondering about Jamaican black castor oil hair growth, you’re probably wondering how different it is from ordinary castor oil. We have done our research and found that there really isn’t any difference between the two in the sense that both come from castor beans, albeit in different varieties.

Lately, however, black castor oil has been getting a lot of publicity because of its hair regrowth properties. We’ve done a bit of research on actual users of pure black Jamaican castor oil and found that it makes your hair grow faster than ordinary castor oil. Of course, we really can’t tell if this is what’s truly happening – we’re just taking the words of users and reporting them here. But if you really want to know if Jamaican black castor oil hair growth products work, go ahead and try it for yourself.

If you’re wondering where to buy castor oil check dietarysupplementsvitamins.com website, also you can find it on Amazon and eBay, and if you want to do some comparison shopping, you can always search on Bing for “Jamaican black castor oil hair”.

Before you buy, make sure you read customer reviews on specific brands and how to use. In general, you should apply it right before you sleep. How long it will take before you can see results really depends on two things: the purity of the product and how your skin reacts to it.

Castor oil is one natural product that is rich in nutrients, minerals and essential oils, according to DietarysupplementsVitamins.com website. Black castor oil, it would seem, has them in greater amounts, thus making them more effective for hair regrowth. Apply castor to your scalp just before you sleep and leave it overnight. You should use it for several weeks before expecting any results. Most users actually reported not seeing any visible improvements during two weeks of consistent use.

Again, if you’re wondering where to buy castor oil for hair, you can go to Amazon, eBay and a third online store. We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again – always read the reviews by users before buying. While castor oil products are cheap and don’t cost more than $20 per bottle, you don’t want to waste your money, no matter how small the amount, on a product that does not work (the amounts may be small but they do add up).

We think it’s better to pay a little more money for a bottle of cold-pressed, natural or organic castor oil because it’s pure and hasn’t been processed with any solvents or chemicals like commercial castor oil products have been.

In all, castor oil is probably one of Nature’s best products. It is very versatile in its use and aside from hair growth, you can actually use it to relieve constipation or else treat skin rashes. Cold-pressed castor oil can also be used as a food supplement for preventing diseases and treating existing ones like high blood pressure and, as we mentioned before constipation.

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